Story Telling Is A Passion

I love telling stories in every way. I love writing stories, sharing stories through poetry out loud, and most of all, making strong connections with people and places, to hear more stories. Everyone and every place has a story to tell. 

I have served many communities in various ways. As an Indian immigrant living in the San Francisco, I use writing to express my feelings and share my authentic truths.

It is because of this passion that I have a strong skillset focused on people's stories and the customer. I believe that customers are the "why" of every organization and will always have the answers to how organizations scale operations. I help organizations build structures around how they can hear and advocate for each customers' story and build it into their own story. I have many ways of making this happen with my strengths in strategy and problem solving.


I currently work full-time during the day as a strategic problem solver and at night as a creative writer. I host a podcast called FearLESS, in an effort to help empower women and men to share their story, heal from traumas, and build on their dreams. 

If any of this narrative intrigues you, feel free to connect with me below to share your story.